Some Kind of Magic

Smash Palace: Some Kind of Magic

Zip Records 2015

1. My Mistake
2. Haddontown
3. Part of the Plan
4. The Thick of It

Extended Play

Smash Palace: Extended Play EP

Zip Records 2014

1. Isn’t It Just Like Me
2. Walk Alone
3. Can’t Help Myself
4. Hold On
5. Again and Again

Smash Palace: Live at the Auction House

Zip Records 2013

1. Living It Lonely
2. How Can You Say
3. Win It All
4. Solo
5. Do It Again
6. She
7. Try
8. Lucky Me
9. Give You My Word
10. Count the Days
11. Death of Me
12. Juliet to Me


Smash Palace: Do It Again

Zip Records 2012

1. Living It Lonely
2. It’s Easy
3. Do It Again
4. Tell Her Now
5. She’s Never Coming Back
6. 21st Centruy Boy
7. Dreamer
8. Sympathy Runs Deep
9. It Just Came Out
10. Can’t Make It Without Her

Smash Palace: 7

Zip Records 2010

Smash Palace returns with their seventh CD (titled “7”) , that’s filled with 11 rock n roll tracks designed to be your soundtrack for the summer of 2010. The Butler brothers do what they do best … 60’s jangle pop, 70’s rock swagger, 80’s power pop , 90’s Brit pop all rolled into a contemporary style that’s all their own. It’s like listening to songs you know but haven’t heard before.
1. Win it All
2. How Can You Say?
3. Holding Out For You
4. Human Kind
5. All In Love Is Fair
6. Here It Comes Again
7. Bridge Of Sighs
8. Dead End Street
9. Somebody Up There Likes Me
10. Secret Life
11. Solo

Smash Palace : Everybody Comes and Goes

Zip Records 2008

Our second release on Zip Records, recorded in the summer of 2007, and released in January of 2008. The CD cover is a 3 panel shot with over 35 people … it’s a mini Sgt. Pepper in a weird New Jersey kinda way. Everyone represented has played some small part to make Smash Palace what it is today.

1. She
2. Didn’t Anyone Tell You
3. When You’re Down
4. Dressed in Black
5. Don’t Ask Me Why
6. Just Like You
7. Is this a Dream?
8. She Can’t Understand
9. Hoping
10. Caroline
11. I Want to Tell You

Smash Palace: Best of ’96- ’00

Zip Records 2006
Our first release on Zip Records. Smash Palace was signed to Zip after a noteworthy performance at the legendary Cavern Club in Liverpool, England. This disc is a collection of tracks from the first 4 CDs (plus some new tracks), since Smash Palace reformed in 1999.

1. Thinking About Her
2. Steal Her Thunder
3. Dime Store Lies
4. Juliet to Me
5. Tell Me What it Takes
6. Sooner or Later
7. Like I Do
8. Blue Eyes
9. Lucky Me
10. I’ll Be There
11. Let Me Go
12. Death of Me
13. Try
14. Give You My Word
15. In My World Tonight
16. My New Sensation

Smash Palace: Over The Top

Smash Palace Studios 2004
Steve and Brian recorded the follow-up to “Unlocked”. Brian only played on about half of this one. He got married and started teaching art at a nearby university, so Steve was left to put the rest of it together. The song “Stand Beside Me Now” is one of Steve’s favorite songs, which they’ve never played live.

1. Steal Her Thunder
2. I’ll Be There
3. Lucky Me
4. Wish I Knew How
5. Dime Store Lies
6. Ordinary World
7. Juliet to Me
8. One Way Track
9. It’s Not Enough
10. Stand Beside Me
11. Beautiful Face

Smash Palace: Unlocked

Smash Palace Studios 2001
This was recorded almost immediately after Fast Long Loud…almost like it was the same record really. The band were really inspired and the songs were coming very fast. As soon as one was written, it got recorded. They were finally out and about playing live, which was great to do again.

1. In My World Tonight
2. What You’re Missing
3. Sooner or Later
4. A Million Miles Away
5. Tell Me What It Takes
6. The Way Love Has Made Us
7. Give You My Word
8. Looking For a Way
9. It’s Not Me
10. Don’t Throw It Away
11. Magical Moonlight
12. My New Sensation

Smash Palace: Fast, Long, Loud

Imagine Records 1999
The follow up to our self-titled debut, that only took 14 years to make. Actually Brian and Steve had stopped playing together for awhile. According to Steve “I dragged him back into the music thing again… I bought some recording gear set it up in my house. Brian learned to play the drums and this is the result. It’s my favorite Smash Palace CD because of the way it was recorded and the pleasure of working with Brian again.”

1. Try
2. Turn Another Screw
3. Let Me Go
4. Everything You Bring
5. Death of Me
6. Another Man
7. It’s All Because
8. Blue Eyes
9. Ancient Rhymes
10. The Love Has Just Begun
11. She’s My Girl
12. Riverdale

Smash Palace: Live at Empire Rock Club

Recorded 1985
A vintage live recording of Smash Palace from the Empire Rock Club in Philadelphia, PA. Broadcast on WMMR. The live show features most of the songs on the first album plus 3 songs that were never recorded before.

1. Count the Days
2. Love Will Find A Way
3. Night of a Thousand Faces
4. Shining Eyes*
5. No Love Lost
6. Sisters of Spain*
7. Never Say No Again
8. Juliet to Me
9. Living on the Borderline
10. Pieces of My Heart
11. Lightning Strikes*

* these songs were never released

Smash Palace: Smash Palace

Epic Records 1985
Soon after leaving the band Quincy, Steve and Brian put together Smash Palace and got signed to Epic Records. They recorded this one over a 3 month period in Toronto, Canada. It was produced by Tom Truemuth, with Brian and Steve as co-producers. Mixed in NYC at Electric Lady Studios and the Record Plant.

Looking back, Steve remembers “Brian and I fought like crazy about the sound of the snare drum sound. It was very fashionable in the 80’s to have this huge snare sound…we weren’t into it but the record label won out on that one.” Making the MTV video for “Living on the Borderline” was the most fun…the silly clothes and the big hair…what were we thinking?

1. Living on the Borderline
2. Count the Days
3. Love Will Find a Way
4. Never Say No Again
5. Juliet to Me
6. No Love Lost
7. A Night to Remember
8. Pieces of my Heart
9. Night of a Thousand Faces


Columbia Records 1980
The self-titled release from Quincy, the Butler brothers first band, signed to Columbia Records in 1980. They recorded one album and a follow up EP in 1983.

Band members included Brian Butler (vocals), Stephen Butler (guitar and vocals), Gerald Emerick (vocals and bass guitar), Wally Smith (keyboards) and Bob Holden (drums).

1. Turn the Other Way Around
2. Critics’ Choice
3. Don’t Knock on My Door
4. Always in the News
5. Dime Store Lies
6. Can’t Live in a Dream
7. Just a Tradedy
8. Stop Now
9. Grow Up
10. Roamin’ Catholic
11. Stuck on You
12. Ordinary Town